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Extended support beam angle & bearing plate. Capacity: 200 gm, Sensitivity : 2 mg. Fitted on wooden base. Two divided door case in front side pan. Three level screw with plumb line

Two pan balance for accurate and rapid weighing upto 2 kg. when used with supplementary masses. The balance has two beams with centre indicating sliding masses to weigh upto 210 gm, spring loaded zero adjuster with magnetic damping. Stainless steel pans of 150 mm diameter. Taring beam and under weighing facility can be provided if desired.
Beams: 0 - 200 gm x 10 gm, 0 - 10 gm x .01 gm.

A high-form balance with four beams, each provided with a non-removable sliding mass, has total weighing  capacity of 311 gm. No additional mass is required. Provided with spring loaded zero adjust compensator and magnetic damping, it has a pan of 90 mm diameter with two pouring spouts and handle. Height of stirrup approx 180 mm. A Platform housed in the base can be used for density determination. 
Beams: 0-200 x 100gm, 0-100 x 10gm, 0-10 x 1gm, 0-1 x 0.01gm.

This balance has three beams graduated 0-500 x 100 gm, 0-100 x 10 gm, 0-10 x 0.1 gm weight up to 610 gm can be read directly on the beam. Additional masses 2 x 1000 gm and 1 x 500 gm can be hung on the end of the beam (max. 2 at a time) which increases the capacity upto 2000 gm 
Pan of 150 mm. Diameter.
Capacity  : 2610 gm 
Sensitivity: 100 mg

Moulded plastic body in beautiful pastel colours. Durable, anti-rust-coated parts. Wide view dial. Zero adjuster with / without detachable rigid plastic load pan.
a) 500 gm x 5 gm        c) 2 kg x 10 gm
b) 1 kg x 5 gm            d) 4 kg x 20 gm

a) Dual range: The scale automatically selects the best resolution for the amount being weighed.
b) Simple operation and quick response time for fast throughout. Operation can be learned in seconds.
c) Rugged heavy duty construction to take the punishment of daily use, cleaning and transportation.
d) Stainless steel weighing pan for easy wash - down and moisture protected load cell for use in Harsh environments.
e) Built solid for industrial environments.
f) Mechanical overload protection and best quality load cells provide long-term reliability and low maintenance costs, even under harsh conditions.
g) Advanced micro computer based module card incorporates user selectable, tamper-proof, software calibration for long-term trouble-free operations.

Optional battery operation for up to 8 hours of use.
Parallel extended remote display 
Choice of one from 3 types of Pans, scoop, shallow dish and flat pan with Stainless steel platform.
107/CT A 3kg/6kg 1g/2gm 190mm x 250mm
107/CT B 6kg/15kg 2g/5gm 190mm x 250mm
107/CT C 15kg/30kg 5g/10gm 190mm x 350mm
107/CT D 600gm 0.1gm 150mm Dia
107/CT E 3kg/6kg 0.5g/1gm 190mm x 250mm
107/CT F 6kg/12kg 1g /2gm 190mm x 250mm
107/CT G 12kg/30kg 2g/5gm 190mm x 350mm
107/CT H 1.2kg 0.1gm 150 mm Dia
107/CT I 2.4kg 0.2gm 150mm Dia
107/CT G 6kg 0.5gm 190mm x 250mm
107/CT H 12kg 0.5gm 190mm x 250mm
107/CT I 24kg 2gm 190mm x 250mm

General Specifications
a) Operating Temp. : -10C to 50C
b) Storage Temp. : -15C to 60C
c) Humidity : 10% to 95% relative humidity
d) Power : 220V -50HZ +/-10%
e) Power Consumption : 10 Watts
f) Display : L.E.D. Display.
g) Segments x 5 Digits x 12.5mm Height

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