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With triple revolving nose-piece. Diecast interchangeable components with robust construction. Focussing by 
coarse motion only. Illumination by plano-concave reflector and substage iris diaphragm / disc diaphragm.
Optical Combination :
Eye Piece : Huygenian, 10x & 15x
Objective : Achromatic 10x,& 20 x/45x 
Magnification : 100x to 675x
In styrofoam packing in thick plywood box.

1103/UN STUDENT MICROSCOPE (Single nose )
Die-cast interchangeable components with robust construction. Focussing by coarse motion only . Illumination by 
plano concave reflector and substage iris diaphragm /DI sc diaphragm. 
Optical combination :
Eye piece : Huygenian 10x
Objective : Achromatic 10x 
Complete in a wooden box with lock and key. 

Pressure die-cast interchangeable components with robust & sturdy construction. Coarse motion & graduated 
fine motion with sensitivity 0.002 mm. Attachable mechanical stage having X & Y movements. Illumination by plano 
concave reflector & substage double lens abbe condenser N. A. 1.2 with iris diaphragm & filter support. Complete with lens cleaning paper, immersion oil (liquid paraffin) & other standard accessories.
Optical Combination:
Eye piece : Huygenian, 10x & 5x or 15x
Objective : Achromatic 10x, 40x / 45x (S. L.) & 100x(S. L.) oil immersion. 
In shock proof Styrofoam packing inside a thick & attractive plywood box.

Latest model of inclined microscope with inclined tube rotatable to 360. Separate coarse motion & highly sensitive slow motion working on ball bearing guideways. Quadruple revolving nose piece, attachable mechanical stage. Illumination by 6V 20W halogen bulb with solid state transformer. Separate 55 mm dia. reflector for day light illumination.
Optical Combination:
Eye piece : W/F 10x Achromatic & Huygenian 5x or 15x.
Objectives : Achromatic 5x, 10x, 45x (S. L.) & 100x(S.L.) 
Oil immersion, Complete with lens cleaning paper, immersion oil & other standard accessories. Supplied in an attractive & thick plywood box.

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